PARED Schools offer a personalised system of education, seeking to integrate the pursuit of academic excellence with an education in human virtues. Offering a solid and deep foundation in the Catholic faith, PARED schools develop leaders of integrity who will contribute to family and society.


Tangara is built on the belief that the best education develops the whole person, integrating the pursuit of academic excellence, the learning of diverse skills, the building of character and the development of faith. We nurture and inspire young women to embrace leadership and thrive in all areas of life.

Redfield College

Redfield College is an independent boys’ school teaching the Catholic Faith. Students at Redfield work hard, with responsibility in studies seen as a key to character development. The College places importance on the development of virtues seen as good habits, the building blocks of character.

Montgrove College

Education at Montgrove looks beyond the school years and toward the future, equipping its students with the skills necessary to lead an authentic and enriching life. We cultivate a love of learning and a sense of responsibility that encourages students to use their knowledge and personal qualities to contribute to the good of the family and society.

Wollemi College

We are Sydney’s newest boys’ school but already it is apparent that Wollemi is an extraordinary place. The education we offer is based on expertise in the classroom, unity between parents and teachers, idealism and generosity in families, understanding of character education, and most of all, on the inestimable advantage of having Our Lord with us in the Blessed Sacrament in the College Chapel.

Tangara – Redfield Infants

A School of Excellence in Infants Education since 1982. Retaval Infants is a Preparatory School of Tangara and Redfield College, building strong foundations in the formative years.

Montgrove Infants

Montgrove Infants is a Preparatory School of Montgrove and Wollemi Colleges, building strong foundations in the formative years.