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Reading is a part of any child’s education, and while it’s a well-known fact that your children need to learn to read, there are a few reasons to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to hand your child a book or an iPad!

1. A Quiet Escape

Reading is a simple pleasure. You pick up a book and in an instant, you have escaped from reality. There is no leaving your house, no turning anything on, you just pick up a book and you can escape from all of your worries.

2. It’s A Golden Time To Learn

Travelling to work has been a thing of the past for over a month now. Many of us now have an extra 1–2 hours of travelling time up our sleeves. This is the time to learn! Right now, we can spend this 1–2 hours on learning and becoming the best versions of ourselves. For those that are still travelling, audiobooks are fantastic alternatives to physical books. It’s never too late to learn anything!

3. Developing A Culture of Reading at Home

A culture of reading provides our children with amazing learning opportunities, they learn to explore, to feel happy, sad, angry. These are all emotional experiences we feel when we read. Why not expose them to reading as early as you can? It’s a bonding experience to share your favourite books.

If you need some ideas of book titles to suggest to your children, here’s a recommended book list from school teacher James Burfitt.

This article was inspired by episode #24 of The Parent-Teacher Project entitled Covid Reading: Books To Read While You’re Stuck At Home with James Burfitt and Nathan Frazer.

Listen to the entire episode below.

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