Starting the New Year with Purpose

The Concourse, Chatswood, buzzed as a diverse crowd gathered for ‘Pay Cheque with a Purpose’. The event, presented exclusively in Sydney by Pared Academy featuring the renowned international author and speaker Alexandre Havard, was a great hit.

As the new year began, our event offered the perfect opportunity to set transformative resolutions. Alexandre’s insights promised to help attendees find meaning in any job and task, making it an ideal event for those looking to maximize their work experience in 2024.

Insights and Inspiration

Drawing from his journey from a successful lawyer in Europe to a mission-driven leader, Alexandre shared how discovering one’s purpose can transform professional and personal lives.

Because of our emphasis on virtues education, it made perfect sense that Pared Academy work closely with Alex. We recently had the opportunity to offer his programs: Your Temperament, Greatness and Service and Free Hearts, to our parents, teachers and mentors. We will continue to work closely with Alex so that his insights and lessons have a lasting benefit for all of us. 

Alexandre’s exploration of the intricacies of discovering one’s unique talents provided attendees with a fresh perspective on how developing such qualities is the basis of discovering one’s mission, which is aligned to who you are.

Reflecting on Purpose and Growth

Throughout the evening, attendees were encouraged to ask themselves critical questions: Are we truly doing what we should be doing? Does work-life balance exist? These questions guided the discussion, drawing people into a deeper contemplation of their career choices and life goals.

The queues that formed after the event for book purchases and signatures were a testament to the impact Alexandre had on the audience. Attendees were able to purchase some of his work which included: Virtuous Leadership, Free Hearts: Understanding Your Deepest Motivations, From Temperament to Character, and Created for Greatness: The Power of Magnanimity.

A Night to Remember

We are immensely grateful to everyone who attended ‘Pay Cheque with a Purpose’. The lessons and insights gained from Alexandre Havard continue to inspire and guide us in our professional and personal journeys.

Stay tuned for more events and opportunities to grow and thrive.