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PARED Academy

Providing concrete insights for parents and educators to help children thrive today.

The Pared Academy is a think-tank of experienced educators within The Pared Foundation. 

Our role is to collaborate with parents and teachers, identifying the real challenges in raising children today, and coming up with innovative and effective solutions for them. 

We source the best and most current research, together with the wisdom of experience, in order to provide resources for parents and educators of the PARED schools and the broader community.

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Collaborating with parents and educators to help children achieve their personal best, so they can serve others and make a positive impact on society.

The PARED Academy provides endorsed professional development for teachers and sources the best in research and educational resources for parents and staff of the PARED schools as well as the broader community.

As a leading body in character education and development, PARED Academy seeks to serve all parents, schools and educators who value an integrated vision of education, which seeks to develop all aspects of the person: mind, heart and will.

Courses in 2022

These courses can be registered as professional development electives under section Educational leadership Standard 1 /7

Courses Return

In collaboration with Virtuous Leadership Institute and its founder Alexandre Havard, this course series makes its return after a very successful run in 2021.

From Temperament to Character


Discover your biological temperament. Distinguish biological temperament from spiritual character. Explore character virtues. Acknowledge your spiritual challenge.

Greatness and Service


Discover the virtues of leaders. Explore the magnanimity (greatness) and of humility (self-knowledge and service). Discover how magnanimity and humility go hand in hand.

Brand New Courses

Participants who have completed From Temperament to Character as well as Greatness and Service, a new set of courses are available and being run in 2022!

Discover Your Mission


“Who are you?” Your people. Your country. Your ideals. Your talents. Discover the central theme or idea of your life. Explore the cultural or social challenge you are called to respond to with passion and dedication. Write down your mission statement.

Free Hearts


Explore your three centers of freedom and responsibility: reason, the will and the heart.  Develop a free heart – a heart accustomed to saying “yes” to transcendent inspirations that manifest themselves in the depths of your being.

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