Recently, we hosted various sessions led by Dr Karen Bohlin (Director of the Practical Wisdom Project and former Principal of Montrose School) catering to different aspects of our community.

  • Parenting Without Losing Your Mind: A Compass to Navigate w/ Joy and Purpose: Dr. Karen Bohlin enlightened parents on navigating the challenges of parenting in the 21st century. With her expertise in character education, parents learned practical wisdom strategies to foster their children’s strength of character and confidence.
  • Courageous Dialogue: Practical Wisdom for School Leaders: Our dedicated educators delved into the power of courageous dialogue, learning how to navigate conflicts and foster trust within the educational community. By creating an open and respectful culture, they can nurture a thriving environment for all.
  • The Schooling of Desire: Lessons from Art, Film, and Philosophy: Faculty and staff explored a pedagogy of the person, drawing instructive insights from ancient wisdom and contemporary research. Through narratives in film, art, and philosophy, they were inspired to awaken authentic flourishing in themselves and students.

We are thrilled with the enthusiastic participation and growth shown by all attendees. Stay tuned for more empowering events as we continue to foster growth, understanding, and collaboration within the Pared Academy community.