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    ADHD is a chronic condition which includes attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. While a diagnosis can be overwhelming to hear and may require a lot of changes in the home and at school, below is a list of benefits that come from receiving a diagnosis for your child. 

    1. Diagnosis Helps Parents Create A Game plan 

    When a child is diagnosed with ADHD it allows you, as a parent, to develop a game plan for your child. Now that you can understand your child’s behaviour you can also start to create routines and lists that may aid aid your child’s development. A diagnosis also informs teachers and coaches that your child learns in different ways. When teachers and coaches understand the complexities that come with ADHD, they are more likely to develop better solutions for teaching your child. 

    2. Teachers Will Have Sympathy 

    When a teacher is informed that a child has ADHD, the teacher can find our which strategies to implement to help your child succeed. It will also allow the teacher to be more understanding of the complexities involved in teaching this child and work with a team or department at the school who can develop the best learning strategy. This makes things easier for both the teacher and the child. 

    3. You May Have A Diagnosis Too 

    ADHD is often hereditary, meaning if one of your children has ADHD, their sibling of even parent may have it too. Although this may not sound like a benefit, a diagnosis  could help you make sense of some of your own struggles, allowing you to develop new strategies for your own learning and that of your family.  

    ADHD can bring challenges to your child’s learning; however a diagnosis can help you cater to your child, helping them receive the support they need. Yes, it will be exhausting at times, but ADHD also brings out wonderful traits in your child, which can introduce you to many new experiences that are filled with positivity and learning. 

    This article was inspired by episode #48 of The Parent-Teacher Project entitled Signs That Your Child Has ADHD with Martin Cullen, Sarah Cullen, and Nathan Frazer.

    Listen to the entire episode below.


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