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    Fatherhood is a lifelong journey with countless ups and downs, but the importance of having a loving father can never be underestimated.⁠ Let’s discuss how to be the strong fathers our daughters need us to be in order to grow up confidently. 

    Early stages of the father-daughter relationship 

    You may never grasp just how much your daughter looks up to you. Every interaction is pivotal, so it’s crucial to get it right from the beginning. Daughters need to learn that they can always come to their dad, we are their first love after all! Never lose the sense of responsibility that you felt the day your daughter came into the world. Continue to seek information like you did when they were first born, be curious, ask other dads for advice, and maintain a mindset that you can always improve as a father. 

    Unity with your wife 

    The secret to a good relationship with your daughter is a good relationship with your wife. Our children can see right through us, so nothing gets through to them unless mum and dad are both on the same page. Knowing that children feel security from seeing mum and dad love each other, try to save arguments for behind closed doors. If your daughter rebels, the first step should be to get on the same page as your wife when it comes to handling it. Our daughters can build a lot of their confidence from their parents so knowing that home is a safe and harmonious place will give them the foundation and conviction they need. 

    Getting home from work 

    The responsibility of a father is 24/7. This means that once you get home from work, the most important part of the day is about to begin! Are you ready to meet your daughters every day, and not just greet them? Presence is everything to young girls. They take a mental picture of us every time we are with them, so sometimes, we need to be prepared to “waste” time on them. In terms of work-life balance, why not start a calendar with your wife to track what events are coming up for your daughter? Plan ahead and make an effort to attend more and more events, so that you continue to develop your relationship with your daughter and love them more every day.   

    One of the greatest responsibilities a man can ever have is being a father. You will soon see for yourself that a daughter who can trust her dad is filled with strength, character and confidence. Find out more on the importance of strong fathers by listening to The Parent-Teacher Project’s episode below, including a must-read book recommendation!  

    This article was inspired by episode #57 of The Parent-Teacher Project entitled Raising Strong Daughters with Greg Bookallil, Gavin Boneham, Nadim El-Rahi, Jacob Kwak and Paul Stoodley.

    Listen to the entire episode below.


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