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    1. Start Them Working Young 

    How young is too young to start giving your child chores? Chores such as sorting through laundry at an early age can be entrusted to children, helping them understand the importance of contributing to the household and working toward a certain standard. If your child can become a contributing member of the household, they can be fast-tracked to being a contributing member of society sooner rather than later in life 

    2. Embrace The Idea of Casual Jobs During School 

    Getting an early start into the workforce before you leave school can allow you to understand the importance of hard work. In a casual employment position, your child will begin to learn lessons like hard-working people being rewarded with more opportunities, whilst slackers don’t see the same career progression. Having this type of experience will prepare them for the workforce following university and shape them into a more diligent worker. 

    3. Resist The Urge to Do Everything Yourself 

    Yes, you can probably sort the washing quicker or cut the grass down to the perfect height, but you need to let your children have a go at these tasks before you intervene. Once your child completes a task, and if you notice there’s room for improvement, talk to them about how the task can be completed better or more efficiently next time. Doing everything yourself will leave your child with the attitude that “Mum and Dad can just do it”. Always remember that the standard you walk past, is the standard you accept. 

    Hard work from an early age not only instil perseverance, industriousness and discipline, but the opportunity to work well with other people. Nothing in life comes easy, and these principles here will help your child recognise the beauty of hard work. 

    This article was inspired by episode #44 of The Parent-Teacher Project entitled A Parents’ Guide For Raising Hardworking Children with Jim and Julie-Anne McLoughlin and Kristine Malabanan.

    Listen to the entire episode below.


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