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When was the last time you realised you were grateful for the life that you are living? Take a moment and in your mind thank all the people in your life, and appreciate them. Did this boost your mood? If so why not try and practice this a little bit every day?

Your Environment Is Everything 

Who you live with and surround yourself with can affect your outlook on life. If you find that you live with someone who brings the mood in your house down you may have to almost treat them like the pandemic: limit your interactions with them. You don’t have to avoid people, but try and limit interactions with those that dull your mood.  

Steer Clear Of The News 

The news is designed to alarm you, it isn’t too dissimilar to any other TV show. Of course we need to be in the loop with what’s going on in the world but we do not need to follow it all day. The main news bulletins occur at 6pm everyday, it’s best to check it once per day, maximum.  

Step Away From The Screen 

It’s no secret that the majority of us tend to live through our phones. But rather than completely detoxing from phone usage, try and slowly change bad habits. For example, when you’re eating or talking to someone, try and steer clear of your phone. The best long term solution, is to turn off all of your notifications and only reach for the phone when you want to.  

Don’t Pressure Yourself With Happiness 

Striving for happiness all the time may lead you to feeling unhappy. This is because we put pressure on ourselves to be happy all of the time, and that’s unrealistic and sets us up for disappointment. The truth is, this is not sustainable. We must embrace that we won’t feel 100% all of the time. For example, when we go for a run we spend much of that time struggling to keep up the pace, and it’s only once the run is complete that we feel happy. Sometimes you have to go though struggle to achieve happiness. 

This article was inspired by episode #31 of The Parent-Teacher Project entitled Finding Positivity In A Worldwide Pandemic with Katrina Alvir and Nathan Frazer.

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