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  1. Embrace the Mess 

Making art is about creatively using your hands to design a piece. When we’re children art gives us the opportunity to experiment with materials such as glue, scissors, crayons, paint, pencils, and how to colour within the lines. Parents can often delay or avoid expression through art because of the messy trail that kids often leave behind them, but know that it opens up your child’s world to colours, shapes, and most importantly, expression, it’s important to remember that the mess is all part of the process! 

2. Confidence is Everything 

Positively reinforcing your child’s artistic ventures is an effective way to boost your child’s confidence. Their sense of achievement allows them to gain momentum, and feel free to express themselves. Childhood confidence is important as it can have life-long impacts on self-esteem, decision-making and perhaps choosing a career path or hobby that they care about. As your child begins the transition into high school it is even more important to help them grow in confidence. 

3. It’s an Expression 

Children participating in artistic ventures at a young age learn how to express themselves. Art is an expression that can take any form, whether it be colour, texture, style, canvas or tools, it’s the decision in all of these categories and more that really reflects a student’s expression. 

 If there’s one thing we can take out of this, it’s that art is not just mess. When you see paint on the floor, crayons on the counter, pencil shavings everywhere. If you look long enough you will realise that this is your child starting their journey to express themselves. 

This article was inspired by episode #42 of The Parent-Teacher Project entitled Shaping Your Child’s Creativity Through Art with Gina Engesser and Isabelle Thomas.

Listen to the entire episode below.


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